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本文摘要:Baidu Inc. Chief Executive Robin Li has joined the chorus of Chinese government advisers and banking executives calling for more regulation of the countrys quickly growing Internet finance industry.百度(Baidu Inc.)首席执行长李彦宏重新加入了中国政府顾问和银行业管理人士的行列,敦促强化对国内快速增长的互联网金融行业的监管。

Baidu Inc. Chief Executive Robin Li has joined the chorus of Chinese government advisers and banking executives calling for more regulation of the countrys quickly growing Internet finance industry.百度(Baidu Inc.)首席执行长李彦宏重新加入了中国政府顾问和银行业管理人士的行列,敦促强化对国内快速增长的互联网金融行业的监管。Speaking at a meeting of an advisory body to Chinas parliament on Monday, Mr. Li said he saw the potential risk in the sale of finance products by Internet companies, and that government oversight should be strengthened.李彦宏周一在全国政协会议上回应,他指出互联网企业销售金融产品潜藏风险,政府不应强化回应的监督。

People in the Internet industry are not financial experts, Mr. Li said on the sidelines of the meeting of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, according to the Xinhua News Agency. A Baidu spokesman on Tuesday confirmed the comments.据新华社报导,李彦宏在参与政协会议的间隙回应,互联网从业者都不是金融专家。百度的一位发言人周二证实了上述众说纷纭。The comments came as officials weigh the growing popularity of investment funds sold over the Internet. On Tuesday, Peoples Bank of China Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said the central bank wouldnt crack down on the products, but will improve regulations in the sector, according to Xinhua.在此之前,有数多名政府官员就互联网上出售的投资产品日益受到青睐公开发表了观点。

据新华社称之为,中国央行行长周小川周二回应,央行会查禁此类产品,但不会完备涉及监管政策。Chinese regulators are looking at creating tighter regulations for the products, people familiar with the matter have told The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, these people say, they dont want to squelch innovative products that could shake up the countrys sluggish financial system, which many economists say does a poor job serving smaller businesses and individuals.知情人士此前向《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)透漏,中国监管部门于是以考虑到为互联网金融产品制订更加严苛的监管规定,但同时也不期望过分压制有可能转变金融系统格局的创意产品。许多经济学家抨击国内金融系统在服务小型企业和个人方面做到得较为差劲。Baidus Mr. Li said the company is marketing financial products created and administrated by third parties, not products the search giant has created itself, since we dont have the license or other [financial] abilities. This brings risk, he said, according to Xinhua.新华社的报导称之为,李彦宏回应,百度目前做的只是金融营销层面,对金融产品的创意,既没牌照,也没能力。

他说道,这将带给风险。Since last summer, Chinas largest Internet companies, led by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., have begun selling money market-like funds directly online. The funds offer returns far above traditional savings accounts in China by investing in interbank loans and deposits as well as bonds. Alibaba didnt respond to a request for comment.从去年夏天开始,以阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)派的中国互联网巨头开始在线传销货币市场类基金产品。这些产品通过投资银行间贷款、存款以及债券向客户获取远高于中国传统存款帐户的回报率。阿里巴巴没恢复置评催促。

The ease of use for Chinese investors and the widespread advertising capabilities have led Chinese to pour billions of yuan into the funds. The most popular Alibaba product, YuE Bao, as of last month had attracted more than 400 billion yuan ($65.4 billion) and had about 81 million user accounts. Baidu hasnt disclosed the amounts it has sold.凭藉非常简单好用的特性和强劲的营销实力,这些基金产品更有了数以亿计的人民币资金。截至上月,最热门的阿里巴巴余额宝已更有到人民币4,000亿元以上(654亿美元)资本,享有大约8,100万个用户帐号。

百度并未透漏其卖出的明确规模。Chinas state-dominated banking sector has complained that the new products could drain money from the banking system. In just nine months, Alibabas YuE Bao has already attracted the equivalent of roughly 0.5% of the countrys 74.2 trillion yuan worth of deposits. A report issued last week by brokerage China International Capital Corp. projects that in three years products like YuE Bao could manage funds comparable to 8% of bank deposits.以国有银行为主体的中国银行业回应深感反感,担忧此类新产品不会把资金从银行系统用尽。

意味着九个月,余额宝的资金量就已相等于中国74.2万亿元人民币存款的0.5%。中国国际金融有限公司(China International Capital co.)在上周公布的报告中预测,三年后,类似于余额宝这样的产品管理的资金规模将相等于银行存款的8%。Echoing Mr. Lis sentiments at the meeting, a former president of the Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd., Yang Kaisheng, said both online and offline financial services should be subject to the same regulatory supervision.中国工商银行原行长杨凯生在会上反对了李彦宏的观点。他说道,线上和线下金融服务不应遵从统一的监管规则。

The China Banking Association said in a report last week that money-market funds--like those marketed by Internet firms--should set aside reserves to meet liquidity shortages, making them more like banks and potentially denting their profitability.中国银行业协会(China Banking Assocation)在上周公布报告中称之为,货币市场基金(例如由互联网公司销售的基金)不应腾出准备金以应付流动性紧缺风险。此举将使货币市场基金与银行类似于,将减少货币市场基金的回报率。A former adviser to Chinas central bank, Li Daokui, said at the same event that YuE Bao and similar funds should allocate additional capital to protect against risks. Internet firms say they can make use of past records of online spending to predict when their users are likely to take money out of online accounts.原央行货币政策委员会委员李稻葵在会上称之为,余额宝等基金产品不应腾出额外资金用作防止风险。互联网公司则回应,通过研究用户过去的网上消费记录,它们可以预测用户何时有可能将资金从在线帐户中提走。

Some bank analysts and economists say Internet firms wont find the data much help if Chinas economy slows rapidly, since China hasnt been through a recession in 30 years. If companies are unable to predict a large-scale withdrawal, investors in the funds could face significant losses as assets would have to be sold at low prices to generate liquidity for the money-market funds, they said.但一些银行分析师和经济学家认为,如果中国经济大幅度上升,这些记录会给互联网公司带给多大协助,因为中国早已有30年没经历过经济衰退。他们同时说道,如果公司无法提早预料到大规模付款的再次发生,出售涉及基金的投资者就有可能面对巨大损失,因为公司不会不得不低价挤兑资产来为货币市场基金获取流动性。





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